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Porrada BJJ Native App

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Create an app that allows BJJ fighters to learn techniques online and allow them to recall their techniques for practicing and drilling.


UX Researcher

UX Designer

UI Designer Assisstant 

Client point of contact

Skills Developed

Domain & user research, user interviews, recruiting interviewees, wireframing, prototyping, design, project management, cross-functional collaboration, communication skills, agile workflow


Adobe Creative Suite

Google Forms




3 weeks Sprint



Creative Process

To be able to better understand the collected data, I put together an affinity diagram.


The User & Domain Research

To better understand the needs, goals, and behaviours of fighters, we decided to do some upfront user research.

1. We sent out an online survey to find as many fighters within the short time frame provided across different regions and received 28 responses.

2. We conducted one-on-one interviews with fighters to collect answers to more complex and in-depth questions.

Anything holding you back from training more often?

Most prominent reasons were:

Family obligations

​Gym timetables

Long commute

Work schedule

High cost


Would you be open to signing up for a BJJ online course?

15.4 % would signup for Porrada BJJ and 50% might if convinced. Providing a 75% chance of users using this app.