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Starts with me responsive website

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The client asked us to redesign the existing website:

Increase functionality and clarity

Increase website traffic

Increase customer acquisition


UX Researcher

UX Designer

UI Designer Assisstant 

Client point of contact, main presenter

Skills Developed

Domain & user research, user interviews, recruiting interviewees, wireframing, prototyping, design, project management, cross-functional collaboration, communication skills, agile workflow



Google Forms




3 weeks Sprint

UX Solutions

Simplify and organize content, position the lead form strategically, deliver credibility with the use of enticing UI components and trust-inducing text and lately, create a welcoming mood from the moment the user arrives on the website


Starts With me is a mental health service provider that creates platforms to support gaps in the workplace, education, and services by empowering individuals to increase their capacity for well-being.


The client wanted to increase content clarity, customer acquisition, and improve website traffic.

The content audit showed the website was content-heavy hence the presentation and organization had to be simplified and improved.


Google analytics showed that the lead generation form on the home page was not performing well hence, we placed it strategically on the contact us page and improved navigation to intuitively lead users there. We also placed a ‘Get in touch’ CTA within the home to lead more traffic from the home to the contact us page.

Qualitative data showed that the credibility of the speakers is key in creating a sense of trust. Therefore, we decided to dedicate a page to the founder and eliminated speakers that did not play an integral part in the business.

Usability testing

6 users

4 professionals



We interviewed the client, tested users on the existing website and interviewed HR and teachers and collected online surveys.

online surveys

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Working on sitemap with the work-back schedule behind it and affinity diagram to the right side of the sitemap. Walls real estate was a hot commodity.

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